Friday, 7 January 2011

Welcome back - All welcome

1) Welcome back - All welcome:

Here's hoping that everyone had a relaxing holiday and perhaps found some time to read! Please feel free to come along to any of our meetings this term, whether you want to join the reading groups themselves (Are you thinking about reading Capital? Have a look at the links below), or come to one of the meetings organised by the Contemporary Marxist Theory Seminar (Full timetable available at

Wage Labour and Capital:

Capital Volume I:

Capital Volume II:

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2) Volume II Group: 'Theories of Fixed and Circulating Capital - Ricardo' & 'The Working Period, Time of Production and Time of Circulation'

The recording of the discussion from our last meeting on 'Theories of Fixed and Circulating Capital - Smith and the Physiocrats' is available here:

Our next session will be discussing Vol.II chapters 11-14 on 'Theories of Fixed and Circulating Capital - Ricardo' & 'The Working Period, Time of Production and Time of Circulation':

Monday 17th January
Ground Floor Room 3
Strand Building
King's College London

"It is evident at the outset that the definition of capital invested in labour-power as circulating or fluent capital is a secondary one, obliterating its differentia specifica in the process of production. For in this definition, on the one hand, the capitals invested in labour are of the same importance as those invested in raw material, etc. A classification which identifies a part of the constant capital with the variable capital does not deal with the differentia specifica of variable capital in opposition to constant capital."

- - -

3) Volume I Group: 'Exchange and Money, or the Circulation of Commodities'

The discussion from the previous session on 'The Fetishism of Commodities' is available to download here:

The Volume I reading group will return on Wed 26th Jan 6:30pm, Room S3.32, with a discussion on 'Exchange and Money, or the Circulation of Commodities':

Wednesday 26th January
Room S3.32
Strand Building
King's College London

"All commodities are non-use-values for their owners, and use-values for their non-owners. Consequently, they must all change hands. But this change of hands is what constitutes their exchange, and the latter puts them in relation with each other as values, and realises them as values. Hence commodities must be realised as values before they can be realised as use-values."

N.B. We will be reading Vol.I chapters 2-3 for this session.

- - -


"In Search of the Young Marx's Politics"
- David Leopold (University of Oxford)
- Stathis Kouvelakis (King's College, London)

19th January, 5pm
King's College London, Strand Campus, S2.28

For further information, please contact:
Alex Callinicos: alex.callinicos [at]
Stathis Kouvelakis: stathis.kouvelakis [at]
Costas Lapavitsas: cl5 [at]
Peter Thomas: PeterD.Thomas [at]

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5) Internation Socialism Journal 129 out now:
- A quarterly journal of socialist theory -

The student revolt and the crisis

Mad as hatters? The Tea Party movement in the US
Megan Trudell
Police killings and the law
Simon Behrman
Labourism and socialism: Ralph Miliband’s Marxism
Paul Blackledge

...and more.

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