Tuesday, 1 December 2009

‘The Transformation of Money into Capital’

Biswadip Dasgupta & Rob Jackson, members of KCL Reading Capital, introduce a discussion on:

‘The Transformation of Money into Capital’.
Tuesday 8th December
Room 2.43 F-WB
Waterloo Campus KCL

“The consumption of labour-power is completed, as in the case of every other commodity, outside the limits of the market or of the sphere of circulation. Accompanied by Mr. Moneybags and by the possessor of labour-power, we therefore take leave for a time of this noisy sphere, where everything takes place on the surface and in view of all men, and follow them both into the hidden abode of production, on whose threshold there stares us in the face “No admittance except on business.” Here we shall see, not only how capital produces, but how capital is produced. We shall at last force the secret of profit making.”

N.B. We are reading Part II: Chapters 4-6 in preparation for this meeting.