Tuesday, 29 June 2010

RE-SCHEDULED: 'The Production of Absolute and of Relative Surplus-Value':

A quick reminder of the next session (TUES) (re-scheduled and now at Strand campus)...
Joseph Choonara, former deputy-editor of International Socialism Journal, will introduce a discussion on:

‘The Production of Absolute and of Relative Surplus-Value'.
Tuesday June 29th
Room S-1.29 Strand
Campus KCL

"From one standpoint, any distinction between absolute and relative surplus-value appears illusory. Relative surplus-value is absolute, since it compels the absolute prolongation of the working-day beyond the labour-time necessary to the existence of the labourer himself. Absolute surplus-value is relative, since it makes necessary such a development of the productiveness of labour, as will allow of the necessary labour-time being confined to a portion of the working-day. But if we keep in mind the behaviour of surplus-value, this appearance of identity vanishes. Once the capitalist mode of production is established and become general, the difference between absolute and relative surplus-value makes itself felt, whenever there is a question of raising the rate of surplus-value."

N.B. We will be reading Part V (chapters 16-18) for this session.