Thursday, 8 July 2010

Break over the summer:

Due to a variety of commitments, the Reading Group will now be having a break over the summer. Thanks to everyone who participated and spoke over the year in the discussion groups, and to the hundreds who attended our meetings on the 'Enigma of Capital' with David Harvey, and the 'Future of Capitalism' debate between Alex Callinicos and Martin Wolf. The group was even given props recently in the Guardian.

The break does of course mean that we will be finishing the final chapters of Volume I without meeting up, however if you have any questions or points to raise and/or would like to be included in a circular email discussion, please reply to

Furthermore the Reading Group intends to return in the autumn reading Volume II of Capital, and with some special events and guest-speakers in the pipeline. Please get in touch if you are particularly interested in the former, or if you know others who might be interested in joining us.

- - -

A few links:

Here are a few links you might enjoy over the break:
mp3 files of many meetings on Marxist economics can be found here.
Collection of writings by Political Economists from 1651 to 1936, the works of Marx and beyond...
The latest edition of the International Socialism Journal including a very important article on Marxism and feminism today by Judith Orr, the permanent arms economy and more...

Enjoy the rest of your summer!