Wednesday, 11 November 2009

'Money or the Circulation of Commodities'

Following a fascinating session discussing the fetishism of commodites, the Reading Capital group asks...

What is money? Where does it come from? What makes certain commodities suitable as money? Could we live without it?

Joseph Choonara, former deputy-editor of International Socialism Journal ( will introduce a discussion on

'Money or the Circulation of Commodities’.

Monday 23rd November '09 (Note Change of Date)
6pm F-WB Room 2.43
Waterloo Campus
King's College London

"It is not money that renders commodities commensurable. Just the contrary. It is because all commodities, as values, are realised human labour, and therefore commensurable, that their values can be measured by one and the same special commodity, and the latter be converted into the common measure of their values, i.e., into money. Money as a measure of value, is the phenomenal form that must of necessity be assumed by that measure of value which is immanent in commodities: labour-time.”

All welcome - whether you have been reading Capital or just want to drop in for the talk - we aim to be accessible to all.

(Those wishing to read in advance should make their way to Chapter 3!)

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