Tuesday, 17 March 2009

‘Money or the Circulation of Commodities’

The reading movement continues to grow with 20 people attending our second session. At the next meeting, John Cooper, of the KCL Reading Capital Movement, will introduce a discussion on:

‘Money or the Circulation of Commodities’.
Tuesday 24th March
Ground Floor Strand Building Room 1

“It is not money that renders commodities commensurable. Just the contrary. It is because all commodities, as values, are realised human labour, and therefore commensurable, that their values can be measured by one and the same special commodity, and the latter be converted into the common measure of their values, i.e., into money. Money as a measure of value, is the phenomenal form that must of necessity be assumed by that measure of value which is immanent in commodities: labour-time.”

N.B. We are reading Chapter 3 in preparation for this meeting.

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