Friday, 13 February 2009

Reading Capital Movement Launched at King's College

Politicisation & the crisis are driving students to search for a fundamental understanding of the system. This week around 50-60 students attended a launch meeting for a Capital reading movement at King's College London. It was organised by a group of students in association with the International Socialism Journal ( Alex Callinicos (Professor, European Studies) introduced a discussion on 'Why read Capital? - Marx in the 21st Century'.

Students from many different departments (War Studies, Law, European Studies, etc.) raised serious issues ranging from the nature of intellectual labour, Marx & ecology, Utopian vs. Scientific Marxism, to questions about exploitation and the origin of surplus-value.

The group has translated introductory essays used by students from the group SDS.Die Linke, who have launched a Capital reading movement in Germany in over 30 universities. Many students have also been watching David Harvey's (CUNY New York) reading group lectures online at

Joseph Choonara, deputy editor of ISJ, will speak at the next session on 'Commodities & Values' (Feb 24th 6pm Ground Floor Room 1, Stand Campus), after which the group will begin introducing topics itself.

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